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    The Top 5 Ways a Wedding Planner Will Help You Save Money (And Your Sanity)

    The Top 5 Ways a Wedding Planner Will Help You Save Money

    What they don’t tell you about weddings is that they’re only as beautiful, grand, and memorable as the people behind them.

    Almost everyone knows this by now: the planning stage of every wedding isn’t as glamorous as how the movies play it out to be. There’s so much pressure from every side that you can’t help but feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re the one doing all the planning. 

    It’s truly a serious and extremely tedious business. And that’s probably why couples who’ve already gone through this very demanding journey towards their walk down the aisle will tell you to leave it to the experts. 

    Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t just help you save your sanity, they will also do their best to make the most out of your budget. You’ll even end up saving more money than you planned as—and we cannot emphasize this enough—a good wedding planner knows the ins and outs of the industry. They’ve been through this many times over. 

    You might think that hiring will only be an added expense, but you’d be surprised. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider hiring an experienced professional right at this very moment. 

    Track and Keep You Within Your Budget 

    This might sound counterintuitive at first as wedding planners are an investment themselves, but they can help you save money in the long run. 

    Budgeting is more difficult than it seems. It’s not just writing what you need on paper or a spreadsheet and comparing the prices of one vendor after the other. With a wedding planner, budgeting starts the moment you hire them. Planners will keep things as realistic as possible, but they will still base each element on your preferences. 

    How wedding planners do their magic is quite simple: they take your budget and break it down into prioritized categories. They do this for transparency so that you’ll know how much you have to spend on each. 

    From venues to decors and flowers, planners know the real cost of everything that goes into a wedding. This knowledge comes from years and years of building relationships with trusted and reliable vendors. Your wedding planner will constantly keep track of the numbers so that they can guide you into making choices that you can actually afford. 

    1. Endorse The Right Vendors 

    Choosing the perfect wedding photographer, venue, caterer, hair and makeup pros, florist, musicians, and a host of other vendors might seem a little intimidating. That’s a lot of people you need to consider. If you want top vendors for the wedding of your dreams, you can rely on your wedding planner to give you the best recommendations that will still fit your budget. 

    Your wedding planner has a direct link with the vendors in your area. Behind the scenes, they’ve built long-lasting relationships with these professionals. 

    Your planner knows who can nail your desired wedding style or follow or take inspiration from the mood board you created without breaking the bank. It’s your planner that can also help in negotiating vendor contracts so you’ll never have to worry about going overspending.

    If the planner you’re eyeing to hire has been in the industry for a long time, chances are that the preferred vendors they work with will pass along discounts or waive certain fees. They might even offer special packages or be more flexible with their services. 

    2. Look Into The Nitty-Gritty Details 

    Part of a wedding planner’s job is to thoroughly examine contracts for any hidden fees. They will then educate you on what the contract does and does not include that might incur additional expenses on your end. Your planner will also make note of payment deadlines to ensure that you won’t have to deal with any late fees. 

    These details can easily go over your head especially if you’re talking to other vendors and keeping everything on track. With a planner, your contracts are reviewed with great accuracy to make sure that every tiny detail is covered. 

    Remember that no good wedding planner wants their client taken advantage of so they will always read between the lines. They will also make sure that you understand cancellation and postponement policies, what they could mean for you, and how to protect yourself. 

    Give You Tips To Save Money

    With years of experience in the industry they are in, wedding planners know exactly what couples can do to cut costs. And any good wedding planner will be happy to share these with you. 

    They might tell you to really examine your guest list and cut it here and there. How large your guest list has a direct effect on every aspect of your wedding so if you’d like to be wise about your money, it’s best to keep it reserved for your closest family and friends. Another common tip you might hear is to choose an off-peak wedding date. 

    Most wedding planners will also advise you to reserve a portion of your budget for unexpected expenses. This is just to keep you secure should anything arise. 

    Free Up Your Time 

    Wedding planners save not just your money and your sanity, they also save you your precious time. Planning for as grand an event as your dream wedding will require you to sacrifice a significant chunk of your day. It will be hard to juggle everything from your demanding job to your list of chores and other obligations. It’s going to be even harder if you have zero experience coming into this. 

    If you don’t have time to spare and you’d rather rely on someone who knows what they’re doing, your wedding planner will do the extensive research and sourcing for you. They will present you with the options that fit your theme and your needs so that you wouldn’t have to think about it that much. 

    That’s time back in your life. Just imagine how fresh and stress-free you’ll look on your big day!

    A picture-perfect wedding starts with a well-thought-out plan. Your wedding planner will iron out every detail to give you a smooth and stress-free event because you deserve to enjoy every second of it without any kind of worry or anxiety crossing your mind.


    Be sure to contact us today for your wedding planning needs.


    To-Do’s After You Say I Do

    To-Do’s After You Say I Do

    So many people talk about the tasks leading up to your wedding, but do they talk about your to-do’s after
    you say “I do?” Some of the most important things in life happen after your wedding. Enjoying and
    planning your honeymoon, buying your first home together, changing your last name, and merging bank
    accounts are just some of the milestones that are traditionally done after the wedding. If you’re

    approaching this monumental stage in your life, read on to learn about how to prepare for your post-
    wedding life.

    Enjoy and Plan Your Honeymoon

    Typically, your honeymoon is something that’s planned for immediately after your wedding. This is your
    time to celebrate your marriage one on one and travel! If you are planning your honeymoon for right after
    the wedding, make sure you book well in advance to avoid last minute headaches. However, many
    couples start planning their honeymoon far after their wedding in order to save money for large expenses
    that may come sooner, like buying a home. Another option is to plan a more budget friendly honeymoon
    by traveling somewhere nearby or a destination that isn’t as popular or expensive as others. This way,
    you can celebrate your marriage while also being money conscious for the other exciting things you have
    in store.

    Buy a Home

    Buying a home for you and your spouse to share together is one of the bigger steps in your new
    marriage. Ideally, you both have been saving up and being mindful of your credit so that you both have
    the proper credit score to buy a house. If so, it’s time to shop the housing market! Finding the home that
    fits your budget, needs, and style can be so exciting. Keep in mind that if the house you get isn’t exactly
    what you were looking for, you can do simple home renovations that give it a brand new look and feel.
    Then, all you have to do is move in. Bring in items that you both love to create a safe and comfortable
    space as you start your life together.

    Change Your Last Name

    If you choose to change your last name once you’re married, you should know it’s a lot of work! Your
    best bet is to get this done sooner rather than later. You’ll need to file the paperwork for updating your
    ID, passport, Social Security card, and other forms of important documents and identification. This is vital
    if you are planning to do any traveling shortly after the wedding. If you’re planning on joining your bank
    accounts, you’ll also need your name changed beforehand. There are several steps you may need to
    take according to your local guidelines like meeting with an attorney, filing paperwork at your local court,
    going to the DMV, and more that you’ll want to research as soon as possible after your wedding.
    Joint Bank Accounts
    Merging bank accounts has become less common compared to past years, but many couples still do this
    to simplify the tracking of shared household and life expenses. Once you’ve officially changed your
    name, if you chose to do so, you should be able to visit your bank and create a joint bank account. Some
    benefits of married couples joining bank accounts are easing the way you pay your shared bills, a sense
    of togetherness, and transparent expenses so you know what you and your partner are spending your
    money on. This way, you can budget better and not have to worry about who is spending what.

    Final Thoughts

    Prioritizing post-wedding to-dos as equal or greater than your pre-wedding checklist can benefit you as a
    couple in the long. Confirm which or all of these tasks you and your spouse want to focus on and
    plan accordingly. While your wedding day can be the best day of your life, know that there are many more exciting things to come for you and your partner.



    Top 3 things to know before contacting Wedding Vendors

    Top 3 things to know before contacting Wedding Vendors

    Congratulations on your engagement.  As you are both taking it all in and announcing it to your family and friends, thoughts of the wedding begin.  Below are the top three items you should discuss and know prior to contacting wedding vendors.

    Wedding Date

    Now is the time to think about your wedding timeline.  It is highly recommended that you have your date confirmed before contacting any vendors.  This is typically the determining factor of whether or not a vendor is available for your date.  However, it is okay to not have a date set when securing a full wedding planner and/or venue. If this is the case, it is recommended to have 2 to 3 dates in mind. You would hate to lose out on your dream venue because the wedding planner you hired is not available for your date.


    It is important to know your budget and drumroll….and to respect it.  I know that this sounds silly but set a budget before getting too excited and booking various vendors will only put you in a financial strain when trying to secure your remainder vendors.  We see too many couples get overly excited and begin booking the venue along with other vendors prior to figuring out their budget and then they unfortunately have to short cut other aspects of the wedding due to money constraints.


    It is important to have an idea of what your expectations are.  While you don’t have to have every detail set in stone, it is important to have an idea of style or type of wedding you are having.  You should be upfront with wedding vendors on this as it will only help you secure the right match.


    Now you are ready to contact wedding vendors.  Remember to provide a date/dates, location, and your general expectations.  Contacting a vendor with a generic I am interested doesn’t leave us much information to respond to.

    We look forward to helping you treasure your wedding day.  Contact us for more information on our wedding packages, wedding coordination and wedding planning.



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