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    Charleston’s Micro Wedding Ceremony & Reception Ideas

    Planning a micro wedding with family and close friends of a guest count 50 of under?  Reynolds Treasures has you covered. Our wedding packages offer all of the services (officiant, photographer, ceremony music, floral) needed for you to say your “I Do’s”. Need coordination for your wedding reception?  You can add this onto your wedding package as well.

    After your wedding ceremony, many couples ask where to go to have a reception.  We have listed some idea’s below.

    Folly Beach

    Beach Ceremony:

    Have your ceremony on the beach followed by a reception at a rented beach house.  You can pick up or have rentals dropped off and hire a private chef or caterer to feed your guests.

    Folly Beach Pelican Watch:

    This venue is located on the beach front so that you can have your ceremony on the beach and celebrate in the covered pavilion.


    Bowen’s Island:

    Bowen’s Island is an iconic rustic restaurant with gorgeous views that has 3 different rental spaces available. You can have your reception or ceremony and reception at this venue.



    Downtown Charleston

    There are many options for downtown Charleston, so we have listed a few favorites.

    Downtown Park:

    For parks, we love Hampton Park, Washington Square Park, or the iconic White Point Garden Gazebo.  After your ceremony and photos, you can celebrate with your guests at 82 Queen, High Cotton, Leon’s Oyster Shop, 5Church, or Edmonds Oast which all have semi to private rooms.

    Lodge in Same Location:

    The Francis Marion Hotel offers smaller grand ballrooms that can host both your ceremony and reception.  Otherwise, there is Vendue Inn, Planters Inn, The French Quarter Inn, and Emeline that offer lodging as well as wedding spaces.

    Isle of Palms Beach

    Beach Ceremony:

    Have your ceremony on the beach followed by a reception at a rented beach house.  You can pick up or have rentals dropped off and hire a private chef or caterer to feed your guests.


    Indoor Options:

    While there are not as many options on Isle of Palms, there is Citadel Beach Club, Isle of Palms Exchange Club, and The Boat House at Breach Inlet.








    Contact us today to learn more about our wedding packages and coordination services.


    Planning a Wedding while Dealing with Debt: 5 Tips

    The average cost of weddings in the United States is $19,000 — pretty steep, considering that the cost of a honeymoon is not even factored in yet. Not to mention the expenses you will incur as a couple all the days thereafter. If you were the one who proposed to your partner, you have probably already incurred a pretty hefty amount to cover the cost of an engagement ring.

    In planning a wedding — and preparing for marriage — sorting out your finances early on is probably the best advice you can take. And pre-wedding is also the best time to talk about the D-word: debt. 

    Paying off debts can definitely influence your decision to get married. Some may find a wedding unaffordable considering their debt situation. There are also some who hesitate to bring in personal debt to their marriage, and would rather pay it off first before getting hitched. 

    There are a lot of couples who choose to delay tying the knot because they are still paying off their debts — specifically student loans for 21% of the respondents in a study conducted by the American Student Assistance. A lot of millennials are choosing to put off milestones so that they can enjoy a debt-free marriage later on. However, if you do not see yourself delaying getting married any further, there are ways to plan a wedding even when you are currently paying off your debts.

    Sit down and talk about your financial situation

    When you tie the knot, you and your partner become one — so do your finances. So, it is very important to lay it all on the table before even talking about how much money you’d set aside for the wedding, how many guests, where you’re holding it, and so on. You have to be, first and foremost, on the same page when it comes to your debts. How much do you owe? For how long are you paying the debts? Remember that you are not just planning a wedding. You are planning a marriage, which includes paying off all your debts at some point. 

    Have a serious budget talk

    Now that you know how much you owe and for how long you’ll be paying them, it’s time to set the budget. This does not only mean setting the amount you’re going to spend for the wedding in general. Planning your budget should entail figuring out the percentage to allot for each area — reception, ceremony, wedding planner, photography, and so on. 

    There are areas that you may want to forego, so make sure that you also discuss which ones are non-negotiable. What are your must-haves for your big day? Figure them out and discuss them, and work around your budget.

    Plot your budget on your calendar

    You’re not paying for everything in one go, so map out your major purchases, anticipated deposits, and scheduled payments along with your debt payment schedules and utility bill due dates. This way, you will not get lost or carried away when talking with vendors and accidentally miss important debt and bill payments. 

    You may also consider setting up a separate bank account for your wedding budget to make sure that you don’t use up money intended for utility and debt bills for wedding expenses. 

    Make your guest list small

    This is obviously a good way to cut costs, especially in areas such as stationary, catering, and chair rental. It can be very tempting to invite a lot of guests, but keep in mind that every single guest is an expense — may be a little harsh, but all so true. 

    Having an intimate wedding will also let you enjoy your day with people close to you and who know you both personally to really celebrate your union. 

    Ask for help

    You may have relatives and friends who are willing to help out in any way they can. You may have a photographer friend who’d be willing to cover the event for free, or at a discounted price. A cousin who bakes can make your wedding cake, or maybe an aunt has a huge garden you can use for your ceremony or reception. As long as you are not imposing, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a helping hand.

    You can also ask your vendors for budget-friendly options, and be honest with them about your budget. Keep in mind, though, that vendors have their own budget, too. So, it is best to look for vendors at a price point more aligned with your budget. 

    Final thoughts

    Planning a wedding while dealing with personal debts may seem like an impossible task, but it is definitely doable. It may take cutting corners here and there, but with careful planning, you can still have a wedding that you can be proud of without compromising your financial goals. 

    The important thing is to have healthy conversations about your finances through and through. Hold yourselves accountable when it comes to your finances, and make plans and decisions as a couple.

    Author Sophia Young


    Charleston Venue Options

    Charleston Wedding Venues for Your Ceremony and Reception

    Although we work all over the Charleston area, we wanted to share some of our favorite Charleston wedding venues that we love working at and of course that couples love just as much.

    Charleston Harbor Resort

    What we love:

    This venue is a Resort Hotel and provides a fun experience for your guests.  There are many indoor and outdoor venue options here as well, along with gorgeous views.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Linens, Arbor, Cutlery, Food & Bar.


    Citadel Beach Club

    What we love:

    We love venues that have options for your ceremony and this one certainly does including out on the beach, on the lush yard facing the ocean, or inside.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Wedding Suite

    Founders Hall

    What we love:

    This venue has so much character and many different spaces, both outdoor and inside.  It reminds us of a Frank  Lloyd Wright style.

    What’s Included:

    Chairs, Tables, Dressing Suite


    Francis Marion Hotel

    What we love:

    This hotel has all of the elegance and Southern Charm.  It boasts 4 indoor spaces and overlooks Marion Square Park.

    What’s Included:

    Chairs, Tables, Cutlery, Linens, Food and Bar.




    Regatta Inn

    What we love:

    This is a luxurious B&B with the most striking sunsets in Charleston.  Located in the famous Folly Beach town, this venue sits back secluded from all of the hustle and bustle. You are able to rent out the entire inn for you and your family, which makes this space completely private and all yours!

    What’s Included:

    While nothing comes with the venue, it does provide a blank slate to have the wedding of your dreams.



    The Island House

    What we love:

    Situated on the Stono River on Johns Island, this venue boasts a stunning sunset and free parking for all of your guests. We love that it also already has a permanent tent which will save you a few thousand.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Arbor and Lighting (additional fees), Tent w/lighting, Wedding Party Suites


    The Pavilion at Pepper Plantation

    What we love:

    This venue is off the beaten path and is perfect for the county chic themes and is on a lake.  Located in a quite equestrian neighborhood, you are likely to see horses trotting by.

    What’s Included:

    The space includes a lakeside gazebo, indoor and outdoor wood burning fire places, porches, and onsite parking.  There is a dressing suite available for an additional fee.


    The Planters Inn

    What we love:

    Tucked away on the main strip is a gorgeous courtyard, along with indoor ball rooms.  While this space is for a more intimate crowd, we love the ambiance and romance of the venue, not to mention the superb service.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Food, Cake and Bar.


    The Wickliffe House

    What we love:

    What’s not to love about an old mansion in downtown Charleston.  This venues offer both indoor and outdoor space.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Linens, Food and Bar.


    Wild Dunes Resort

    What we love:

    There is so much to do at the resort, you and your guests wouldn’t need to ever leave. This resort has so much versatility in regards to their indoor and outdoor spaces for both large and small groups.  One of our favorite hidden locations here is the

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Linens, Food, Cake and Bar.


    Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding.


    5 Tips for Creating a Fun DIY Photo Booth

    We don’t see them much nowadays, but photo booths are still popular, especially at wedding receptions. It’s an excellent option for couples who have a small budget because you don’t need sophisticated equipment.

    Whatever the occasion, you’ll want to ensure you capture all the memorable pictures. Professional photographers are expensive. If you want to save money and still get lots of shots, a kiosk is a creative and fun way to do that.

    What’s more, you can make one yourself. Here are five tips for creating a DIY snapshots section for you and your guests.

    Choose a Spot

    It’s not only in real estate that location is essential. It would be best if you placed your booth where all the attendees can see it. You’ll want as many people taking their photos as possible to commemorate your event.

    The area close to the entrance or registration table is perfect as everyone will have to walk past your kiosk to get to their seats.

    You could also have ushers to show guests to the stall and encourage them to take pictures for the occasion and themselves.

    A great way to have fun is to have someone teach your invitees how to take a group selfie.

    Set up a Backdrop

    Deciding on a backdrop can be fun, but don’t get too carried away with it. While it needs to be eye-catching, it shouldn’t be a distraction. Keep it uncomplicated.

    Plain backgrounds, such as simple patterns and neutral colors, are recommended. The focus should be on the topic of the shot, which is the people in it.

    Correct Lighting

    Every photographer will stress the importance of lighting to get high-quality pictures. You’ll need to have the right light to showcase your image fully.

    If your booth is in a dark area, make sure the location for the photo-taking is well-lit. Avoid placing the object in a spot where a shadow will cover guests’ faces.

    You can also use colored bulbs for a different effect, as long as they’re bright. If you want less of a DIY look and can afford it, use professional studio lights.






    Provide Props

    Nothing makes a picture-taking stall more fun than props. You’ll want memorable photos, not the boring posed-for ones. If your event has a theme, choose items that fit the occasion.

    Otherwise, go wild. The wackier the accessories, the more likely people will open up and take lots of snapshots. Some top suggestions include hats, masks, jewelry, or oversized glasses.

    You should also know your guests and how they’ll respond to the objects you choose. Avoid anything that may be offensive to anyone.






    Instant Prints

    A photo booth’s idea is to capture memories of the affair by having attendees take pictures of themselves for the album and their keepsake.

    There are several options you can use, depending on your budget.

    You can provide an instant print camera such as a Polaroid. Guests can take selfies, or another person can take a shot of them. Ideally, they should take two snaps—one for themselves and one to add to the guestbook.

    Alternatively, you can use an iPad. Everyone knows how to use it, and it takes high-quality pics. All the images are stored in one location and can be shared and printed afterward.

    A more expensive choice is to use a printer that allows people with smartphones to print photographs immediately after taking them. They’ll likely need to download an app to do that. It’s costly because of the instant film price, and you’ll need enough batteries for the printer. 

    Easy Peasy

    You can capture your momentous events without breaking the bank if you set up a DIY photo booth. As you’ve seen from the ideas given, it’s not difficult, and it doesn’t cost much. All it takes is some creativity and planning, and you’re good to go!  Be sure to contact Reynolds Treasures for all of your wedding planning needs.

    Written by Ashley Lipman
    Content marketing specialist
    Ashley Lipman is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion for providing knowledge to readers worldwide on topics closest to her heart – all things digital. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches touching the digital sphere.

    5 Bridal Shower Gifts Every Bride Will Love

    5 Bridal Shower Gifts Every Bride Will Love

    The days leading up to the wedding are exciting for all parties involved, friends and family of the bride-to-be included. There’s a slew of pre-wedding celebrations that you’ll find yourself needing plan and buy gifts for—a bridal shower coming up first—and while there may be a registry, nothing beats a unique and thoughtful present.

    Newlywed Kitchen Cookbook

    In every newlyweds’ foreseeable future are a series of entertaining guests for dinner. It’s just a fact of life. People naturally gravitate towards the happy, just-got-hitched aura in a new couple’s home, and who can blame them?

    Arm the future missus with a Martha Stewart cookbook that will give her a toolbelt of easy and delicious recipes for everyday meals, as well as for casual gatherings. The mister can even join in the kitchen, et voilà, your gift has opened up an opportunity for a couple activity!

    Electric Pour-Over Kettle

    A chic pour-over kettle is the perfect addition to a new kitchen nook. Cosmopolitan’s review of the Stagg EKG Pour-Over Kettle proves that form can go hand-in-hand with function. The pour-over kettle you’re looking for should be able to heat water quickly and keep it in that temperature until the next pour.

    This is a present for a bride who happens to be a tea lover, coffee enthusiast, or even just a fan of stylish yet practical home items.

    Beauty Supplements

    Planning a wedding can be a time-consuming and stressful task, it’s easy for brides-to-be to fall into the habit of putting self-care on the back burner. Giving them supplements is a gentle nudge for them to take care of themselves and it shows that you want them to feel and look their best on the big day.

    PrettyMe’s review of Frozen Collagen Supplements breaks down the ingredients and their scientifically-proven effects on overall well-being. Do your research, pick out a great product with a safe and effective formulation, and maybe even write down little self-care reminders for the bride-to-be.

    Passport Holder

    The wedding festivities don’t end after the wedding ceremony. Every bride looks forward to the dreamy honeymoon and it’s all she can talk about apart from the actual wedding.

    Send her off on her honeymoon and the adventures beyond with a Barbara Ignatiev designed leather passport holder that looks just as fun and exciting as you wish her romantic getaway is going to be. If you’re gunning for being the best gift-giver, you can even get the newlyweds tickets to special events or local shows at their honeymoon destination.

    Monogrammed Towels

    What bride doesn’t get giddy when she sees her new initials monogrammed in fancy threadwork? There’s never a surplus of luxurious towels in a new love nest, especially not ones as luxurious as Land’s End Turkish spa towels.

    Having quality towels at home can evoke feelings of still being in a blissful honeymoon, and they’ll have you to thank for that.

    Now that you have the gift taken care of, you can start planning the actual unforgettable bridal shower. Check out our rundown of “Bridal Shower Themes for Every Bride”.

    Written exclusively for Reynoldstreasures.com.
    by Aria Cahill


    Fall Wedding Styling Tips for the Groom

    Fall Wedding Styling Tips for the Groom

    Are you planning a fall wedding? Looking to get the hottest fashion tips to ensure your bride leaves you in the cold? Then stay tuned.

    As the nights draw in, if you are tying the knot during this particular period, then it’s about time you got suited and booted. Say goodbye to bright colorful tones ideal for beach weddings, and say hello to more darker materials.

    Think burgundy, black, navy blue as well as charcoal grey. All of these specific colors are perfect for those wedding snaps. Whether a heavy cotton suit, ideal for the great outdoors or something reflecting Fall colors such as auburn or brown, dazzle everyone with richer tones.

    Besides, why should your bride be the only one to get creative! There are numerous articles offering insight on Fall groom style tips taking your outfit from “meh” to “majestic”. But if that’s not enough, consult our top fall tips below. Now who said style maketh the man.


    Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

    Textures are just as important in order to take your attire up a notch or two. Enhance your appearance with a cashmere or cable knit scarf to provide added warmth during those photo shoots.

    This is especially the case if you intend to plan an outdoor Fall wedding. On the other hand, you can be as playful as a kitten when it comes to fabrics. From plaid suits and floral suits to romantic colors such as burgundy, the options are endless.

    Tweed is another great selection and there are many inspirational Fall groom looks to transform you into the definition of an English country garden. Perfect for vintage or rustic weddings, tweed need not be all patchwork and classic teacher’s jackets. Charming, sophisticated and elegant, this timeless fabric can really work wonders as a Fall groom suit.

    Spare a thought for a velvet wedding suit and checked numbers which are also making a comeback. Emanating style and sophistication, stand out from the wedding crowd with a snazzy checkerboard outfit ensuring you look the part.


    Photo credit: Pixabay.com

    Again, if you are dropping black threads, look at a burgundy or rusty brown boutonniere. Alternatively, if you are sporting a blue suit, go for a textured or patterned square that is guaranteed to make the maximum impact.

    And if you got your crew around you at your big bash, you can select from a range of exciting accessories that literally have your name on it. Make a song and dance about your groomsmen way before you set foot on the dancefloor.

    Adorn your suits with custom accessories that they can take away as a personal reminder of when you tied the knot. Pose for the cameras with your initials, wedding date or names on your squares, tie bars, collar stays or even dress socks.

    Go to a site specializing in personalized groomsmen gifts or visit Amazon and Etsy who have an array of innovative ideas.


    Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

    You shoes, you most definitely lose.

    It’s time to strut your stuff not only down the white carpet but bust out a few moves until late into the night. Now you will need a comfortable set of footwear to stand up to all the twirling and that vital first dance.

    For Fall weddings, you may want to invest in suede wedding shoes that will benefit from being extra sturdy. Brogues or Oxfords shoes will stand you in good stead whilst choosing warmer colors such as browns, blacks or dark grey is more on trend than Donald Trump on Triller.

    Yes it’s a Triller…Triller night!

    It’s Only Words

    As the Bee Gees once declared, words are all they have or so they say.

    But if you want to make a smash hit at your function, then look no further than a pretty wedding guestbook or event book capturing your special event.

    Choose from a myriad of stylish options that will showcase you and your bride’s personality. There are cork guestbooks, whiskey barrel guest books and much more. In fact, some have published a study demonstrating that a book of this nature is the first thing guests view when entering a reception.

    Give your VIPs the opportunity to leave their personal wishes, wedding advice or funny quips so you can remember your unique day long after the cake’s been cut.

    Be sure to contact Reynolds Treasures for your wedding service needs.


    Why Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean You Have to Postpone

    It seems, in the past few months, that we’ve moved from lockdown to footloose and back to something in between. As quickly as states began to reopen, suggesting to revelers that the celebrations were back on, sudden spikes in covid-19 cases signaled a return to more stringent safety measures, such as mask requirements and continued emphasis on social distancing. But for those looking

    to get their wedding on, social distancing doesn’t have to mean no nuptials.

    New Ways to Celebrate

    There’s something in the wedding spirit that loves a challenge, and covid-19 has brought out the creative in the soon-to-be hitched party planners. You may have to rethink the big gathering you once envisioned, but you can still have a truly memorable wedding, even under social distancing restrictions. Here are some ways to celebrate:

    ● The Minimony: this covid-driven term now bouncing around the internet means creating a more intimate wedding plan. Cull your list down to a core group of family and closest friends, find a wonderful small venue, and let the vows fly. The added benefits are you can save money from that big wedding budget that can be reinvested in a high end open cocktail bar or gourmet food. Or you can always throw a party later for those you had to cull from the list.

    ● Hitch Now, Party Later: speaking of delayed parties, some couples are opting to hold a private ceremony now and celebrate with friends and family later after the crisis has passed. Another variation of this is to hold the ceremony via a digital platform for all to see.

    ● Destination Weddings: another way to use those saved wedding funds is to turn your intimate celebration into an adventure. Pick a dream location and give your guests advanced warning that the road (or plane) trip is on. Many popular destinations have now geared up to help couples celebrate in style and covid safety.

    ● The Outdoors I Do: taking your nuptials into the great outdoors is a perfect way to find large spaces that help you space even bigger groups out into that six-foot safety zone. And research suggests that outdoors is the safest place to be to prevent the spread of corona.

    ● Satellite Celebrations: Planning your event where there are multiple areas or rooms can be another effective way to pull off larger groups while maintaining safety. Hold your ceremony outside and then gather guests in smaller groups that the wedding couple can visit while still maintaining safe group sizes. You can even pipe the ceremony into each room via a digital platform and remove the necessity of moving people around.

    ● Creative Alternatives: Okay, why not try something crazy. How about a ceremony viewed from a parking lot where guests stay in their cars and parade past the happy couple afterwards. Or turn that on its head, and let guests spread out in a large open space and revel as the newlyweds move from group to group via decorated golf cart. Get married on a rooftop while others watch from balconies or hold your ceremony in an interior courtyard of a hotel where balconies face inward and where guests can watch from the safety of their rooms.

    ● The Virtual Tying of the Knot: and, of course, as with everything covid these days, you can always choose to hold your wedding, ceremony and all, digitally. For an added touch, create a celebration package you send to guests with favors, perhaps a shared treat, and even a link to a digital register where they can share their well wishes.

    So What’s Likely to Change?

    It’s inevitable that should you choose to hold your wedding during covid that some things will be affected by social distancing measures. Here are some things you may want to consider as you plan.

    Smaller guest lists are inevitable. This can be particularly tricky if you’ve sent out invitations pre-covid and have to disinvite guests. The good news is that you can blame venues for your size limitations as many have had to reduce capacity to meet covid restrictions. With a little forethought and some diplomacy, you can accomplish the disinvite off without causing offense.

    You also need to be prepared to work with masks, provide hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations, and maybe even consider asking guests to sign waivers. Furthermore, you will have to consider spacing issues for seating, for dancing, and for food and drinking areas.

    As far as food and drink are concerned, you will probably have to rethink your presentation styles. Although it has been popular recently to serve food buffet style, sharing utensils may not be the best option right now. Better to forego that family style meal or the finger food for individual plate servings. Some caterers are finding ways to create individual portions that don’t require shared utensils, such as ceviche served on an oyster shell or delicious picadores skewered into a melon. Cocktail celebrations can be difficult, but if you’re determined, consider the satellite model of multiple small stations spaced out over a venue rather than one or two large set ups.

    Another concern will be that traditional preparation with the wedding party. The safest option is to share preparations via digital conferencing. Hairdressers and makeup artists are taking precautions such as wearing gloves and masks, using disposable applicators where possible, and sterilizing those that are not between usages. If you just need that personal feel, then book a space with multiple rooms where the party can prepare and where the bride and groom can move from room to room to share the experience.

    Photography will almost certainly change as well. You will still be able to get those beautiful couples poses, but you will have to rethink large group shots. An experienced wedding photographer should be able to use techniques like staggered line shots or walking shots to make the group photos work.

    Be sure to contact us today to see how we can still make your dream wedding a reality.

    Written by Writer Megan Glenn



    COVID-19 Tips on Rescheduling Your Wedding

    We were in the process of writing a blog regarding rescheduling your wedding, and then our friend Kate sent hers which is perfect.

    First of all, my heart goes out to you. This is such an important time in your life and the current situation can be stressful.

    5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Charleston Beach Wedding for 2020

    5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Charleston Beach Wedding

    Charleston Beach Wedding Dos:

    Do hire a wedding coordinator.

    Not only will the coordinator be available to setup your Charleston Beach Ceremony, he/she will know and understand the tides, lighting, permit requirements, along with all other technicalities that come along with a beach wedding. Not hiring a coordinator will leave your setup crew hot and tired as dragging decorations and setting up in the sand is no easy task.  It’s really a lot of work.

    Do provide transportation for your guests.

    With many beaches, parking is at a minimum or a premium price.  Providing transportation for your guests cuts any worries out and ensures everyone will be there on-time.

    Beach Wedding

    Do prepare for wind.

    Beaches typically have wind!  Take this into account with your hair style, veil, and dress unless you want to recreate the all so known famous Marylin Monroe pose!

    Do hire business professionals.

    Did you know that anyone getting compensated must have a business license to be able to conduct business! So if you find a great photographer at a discounted price, make sure they are licensed to conduct business where your wedding ceremony will take place.  If not, they may be asked to stop conducting business which would leave you without services or getting hit with a hefty fine.

    Do let the guys go informal.

    The beach is just too hot for tuxedos and heavy suites.  Opt for light weight fabrics such as cotton pants or even Bermuda shorts.

    Charleston Beach Wedding Don’ts:

    X Don’t have your beach wedding in the middle of the day in the summer.

    Not only will the sun be beating down on you and your guests, there will be many beach-goers around that may make it into your wedding album or worse, cheering for you like their favorite team just won the Superbowl.

    X Don’t wear heels.

    Heels and sand do not go well together. I recommend wearing flat sole sandals or even no shoes.  Having on heels will make your strut down the aisle look quite funny.

    X Don’t bring glass on the beach.

    Think about it.  Can you have glass at your neighborhood pool?  Same applies to the beach as it wouldn’t be fair if it broke and was left for someone to get cut or worse, an animal to eat it.

    X Don’t use a runner on the beach. Charleston Beach Wedding

    It does not work out well at all!  No matter how even the sand is prior to its placement, sand moves and thus so does the runner.


    X Don’t use artificial flower petals

    Artificial (faux) floral is bad for the environment and not allowed on Charleston beaches.  Remember earlier we mentioned wind at the beach, well the flower petals will eventually blow around or be taken out to sea by the tides.  If using flower petals, real petals will have to be utilized.

    Be sure to check out our Beach Package and let us help you plan your dream beach wedding.


    New Outdoor Wedding Venue: Dogwood Downs




    New Outdoor Wedding Venue

    Nestled off of US-17 with a short 25 minutes from downtown Charleston lies Dogwood Downs. This family owned outdoor venue has stunning landscape including large oaks, an arbor, small gardens and a scenic pond.  Whether it is a large affair with over 100 guests or a micro wedding of 10 guests, this venue is ready to accommodate.


    • Weekday dates available
    • Lovely and private dressing room area
    • Several areas to choose from for outdoor space
    • Plenty of free parking on the property
    • Access to restroom facilities


    • Lovely and private dressing room area
    • Several areas to choose from for outdoor space
    • Liability insurance
    • Electrical power
    • Reception area
    • Plenty of free parking on the property
    • An on-site property manager to facilitate parking and be present during the event
    • Access to restroom facilities
    • 100 dark wooden chairs
    • 15 round tables (60”)

    Contact Reynolds Treasures to learn more today about Dogwood Downs.



    Recent Comments by James Crowl

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