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    Charleston Venue Options

    Charleston Wedding Venues for Your Ceremony and Reception

    Although we work all over the Charleston area, we wanted to share some of our favorite Charleston wedding venues that we love working at and of course that couples love just as much.

    Charleston Harbor Resort

    What we love:

    This venue is a Resort Hotel and provides a fun experience for your guests.  There are many indoor and outdoor venue options here as well, along with gorgeous views.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Linens, Arbor, Cutlery, Food & Bar.


    Citadel Beach Club

    What we love:

    We love venues that have options for your ceremony and this one certainly does including out on the beach, on the lush yard facing the ocean, or inside.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Wedding Suite

    Founders Hall

    What we love:

    This venue has so much character and many different spaces, both outdoor and inside.  It reminds us of a Frank  Lloyd Wright style.

    What’s Included:

    Chairs, Tables, Dressing Suite


    Francis Marion Hotel

    What we love:

    This hotel has all of the elegance and Southern Charm.  It boasts 4 indoor spaces and overlooks Marion Square Park.

    What’s Included:

    Chairs, Tables, Cutlery, Linens, Food and Bar.




    Regatta Inn

    What we love:

    This is a luxurious B&B with the most striking sunsets in Charleston.  Located in the famous Folly Beach town, this venue sits back secluded from all of the hustle and bustle. You are able to rent out the entire inn for you and your family, which makes this space completely private and all yours!

    What’s Included:

    While nothing comes with the venue, it does provide a blank slate to have the wedding of your dreams.



    The Island House

    What we love:

    Situated on the Stono River on Johns Island, this venue boasts a stunning sunset and free parking for all of your guests. We love that it also already has a permanent tent which will save you a few thousand.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Arbor and Lighting (additional fees), Tent w/lighting, Wedding Party Suites


    The Pavilion at Pepper Plantation

    What we love:

    This venue is off the beaten path and is perfect for the county chic themes and is on a lake.  Located in a quite equestrian neighborhood, you are likely to see horses trotting by.

    What’s Included:

    The space includes a lakeside gazebo, indoor and outdoor wood burning fire places, porches, and onsite parking.  There is a dressing suite available for an additional fee.


    The Planters Inn

    What we love:

    Tucked away on the main strip is a gorgeous courtyard, along with indoor ball rooms.  While this space is for a more intimate crowd, we love the ambiance and romance of the venue, not to mention the superb service.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Food, Cake and Bar.


    The Wickliffe House

    What we love:

    What’s not to love about an old mansion in downtown Charleston.  This venues offer both indoor and outdoor space.

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Linens, Food and Bar.


    Wild Dunes Resort

    What we love:

    There is so much to do at the resort, you and your guests wouldn’t need to ever leave. This resort has so much versatility in regards to their indoor and outdoor spaces for both large and small groups.  One of our favorite hidden locations here is the

    What’s Included:

    Tables, Chairs, Linens, Food, Cake and Bar.


    Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding.


    5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Charleston Beach Wedding for 2020

    5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Charleston Beach Wedding

    Charleston Beach Wedding Dos:

    Do hire a wedding coordinator.

    Not only will the coordinator be available to setup your Charleston Beach Ceremony, he/she will know and understand the tides, lighting, permit requirements, along with all other technicalities that come along with a beach wedding. Not hiring a coordinator will leave your setup crew hot and tired as dragging decorations and setting up in the sand is no easy task.  It’s really a lot of work.

    Do provide transportation for your guests.

    With many beaches, parking is at a minimum or a premium price.  Providing transportation for your guests cuts any worries out and ensures everyone will be there on-time.

    Beach Wedding

    Do prepare for wind.

    Beaches typically have wind!  Take this into account with your hair style, veil, and dress unless you want to recreate the all so known famous Marylin Monroe pose!

    Do hire business professionals.

    Did you know that anyone getting compensated must have a business license to be able to conduct business! So if you find a great photographer at a discounted price, make sure they are licensed to conduct business where your wedding ceremony will take place.  If not, they may be asked to stop conducting business which would leave you without services or getting hit with a hefty fine.

    Do let the guys go informal.

    The beach is just too hot for tuxedos and heavy suites.  Opt for light weight fabrics such as cotton pants or even Bermuda shorts.

    Charleston Beach Wedding Don’ts:

    X Don’t have your beach wedding in the middle of the day in the summer.

    Not only will the sun be beating down on you and your guests, there will be many beach-goers around that may make it into your wedding album or worse, cheering for you like their favorite team just won the Superbowl.

    X Don’t wear heels.

    Heels and sand do not go well together. I recommend wearing flat sole sandals or even no shoes.  Having on heels will make your strut down the aisle look quite funny.

    X Don’t bring glass on the beach.

    Think about it.  Can you have glass at your neighborhood pool?  Same applies to the beach as it wouldn’t be fair if it broke and was left for someone to get cut or worse, an animal to eat it.

    X Don’t use a runner on the beach. Charleston Beach Wedding

    It does not work out well at all!  No matter how even the sand is prior to its placement, sand moves and thus so does the runner.


    X Don’t use artificial flower petals

    Artificial (faux) floral is bad for the environment and not allowed on Charleston beaches.  Remember earlier we mentioned wind at the beach, well the flower petals will eventually blow around or be taken out to sea by the tides.  If using flower petals, real petals will have to be utilized.

    Be sure to check out our Beach Package and let us help you plan your dream beach wedding.


    New Outdoor Wedding Venue: Dogwood Downs




    New Outdoor Wedding Venue

    Nestled off of US-17 with a short 25 minutes from downtown Charleston lies Dogwood Downs. This family owned outdoor venue has stunning landscape including large oaks, an arbor, small gardens and a scenic pond.  Whether it is a large affair with over 100 guests or a micro wedding of 10 guests, this venue is ready to accommodate.


    • Weekday dates available
    • Lovely and private dressing room area
    • Several areas to choose from for outdoor space
    • Plenty of free parking on the property
    • Access to restroom facilities


    • Lovely and private dressing room area
    • Several areas to choose from for outdoor space
    • Liability insurance
    • Electrical power
    • Reception area
    • Plenty of free parking on the property
    • An on-site property manager to facilitate parking and be present during the event
    • Access to restroom facilities
    • 100 dark wooden chairs
    • 15 round tables (60”)

    Contact Reynolds Treasures to learn more today about Dogwood Downs.


    COVID-19 Tips on Rescheduling Your Wedding

    Guest Post by Kate Thornton of Captured by Kate

    We were in the process of writing a blog regarding rescheduling your wedding, but then read our friend Kate Thornton’s and completely agreed. Without further ado, below are 6 Tips on how to go about rescheduling your wedding due to the Corona Virus.

    First of all, my heart goes out to you. This is such an important time in your life and the current situation can be stressful.

    TIP 1. Contact your venue about future availability. Most venues will be happy to transfer your deposit to a price comparable date. Ask your venue to give you three dates that are open and work with your schedule.

    TIP 2. Once you have the three possible dates, create a Google Form Link and survey your current vendors’ availability. Then pick the date that the majority of your current vendors have open. Most will transfer the deposit to the new date.

    TIP 3. Be aware you’re vendors prices for 2021 may be higher because they released their 2021 pricing before the Pandemic and were expecting a busy year already. You may be asked by your current vendors to make up the difference if rescheduling in 2021.

    TIP 4. If you reschedule to a date that your current vendor is not available, they are in their rights to keep the deposit. However, they may be willing to give you a partial refund. Remember they have been turning away business on that date because of you.

    TIP 5. Consider rescheduling to a Weekday or a Sunday. These will be easier for your current vendors to accommodate and let’s face it, your guest list has an abundance of work vacation days to use up.

    TIP 6. Think positively. I personally can not wait for the massive celebrations when we can all get together again. Warning, you may get 100% of your guest list! Think about how excited everyone is going to be for your wedding. It’s going to be a truly EPIC party!!

    Learn more about how we can make your wedding day epic by contacting Reynolds Treasures today.



    Charleston Wedding Ceremony Locations

    Free Wedding Locations

    Pitt Street Bridge (Up to 6 Guests)

    This park is located in Mt. Pleasant and boasts water views as well as views of the Ravenel Bridge and Downtown Charleston.

    Park Information: No restrooms, free parking

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement.


    Folly Beach or Isle of Palm Beach (Up to 25 Guests)

    Combine both the Historic Charm of Charleston and its gorgeous coast lines and there you have it, elegant beauty.

    Park Information: Alcohol, glass, fire, and faux flower petals are not permitted on all beaches; free and paid parking is available

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement, Intimate or Beach Package.







    Wedding Locations $10 – $100

    Johns Island County Park (Up to 4 Guests)

    This park offers wooded trails, and Equestrian Center, archery range, and has gorgeous live oaks.

    Park Information: Free parking once in park ($1 pp) and no restrooms

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement








    Wedding Locations $300 – $750

    Yorktown USS (Up to 2 Guests)

    Get married on the top deck of the USS Yorktown which was built for the Untied States Navy.

    Venue Information: Elopements Monday – Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement

    Cypress Gardens (Up to 10 Guests)

    A forty minute drive outside of Downtown Charleston, enjoy the picturesque swamp and gardens that await. Famous movies such as The Notebook, The Patriot, and Cold Mountain were all filmed here.

    Park Information: Elopements Monday – Thursday from 10am – 3pm.  Additional travel fees apply for this location.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement

    Charleston Aquarium (Couple Only)

    Indoor and Outdoor Spaces for Vows and Photos and is perfect for the couple who truly want an intimate and private ceremony.

    Information: Elopements available Monday – Wednesday in the evenings and bookings allowed 3 months in advance. No reception, food or beverage is permitted.

    Harbor Garden (Up to 25 Guests)

    Get married in a private outdoor setting overlooking Charleston’s Harbor.  Venue space is included along with parking.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement, Intimate or Charleston Package





    Hart Meadows Ranch (Couple Only) 

    Get married in privacy with Spanish moss, live oaks, an arbor leading to a covered arched bridge, and even a private beach.

    Park Information: Elopements Monday – Wednesday. Includes free parking.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement

    Magnolia Gardens (Up to 6 guests)

    Get married in one of the most beautiful gardens in America among the live oaks, bamboo forest, cypress swamp gardens, breathtaking bridges, ponds, and the many alcoves scattered throughout the gardens.

    Park Information: Elopements Monday – Friday from 9:30 am – 3:00 pm

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Magnolia Gardens









    The Heart Garden (Up to 15 Guests)

    The garden came to life at the 1997 Spoleto Festival. Enjoy the scents of the plants, the beauty of the design, and the privacy you desire for your intimate wedding ceremony or elopement. Heart Garden Wedding

    Garden Information: There is free parking

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement and Intimate Package



    White Point Gardens/Battery Park (Up to 25 Guests)

    Located in downtown Charleston on the waterfront with Live Oaks, gorgeous Charleston Mansions and panoramic views.
    Park Information: no restrooms, free street parking, 1 hour permit fees for the gazebo, gazebo guest count around 25

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement, Intimate or Charleston Package





    Angel Oak Tree (Up to 25 Guests)

    This park hosts the largest southern live oak tree east of the Mississippi.
    Park Information: 25 Guest Maximum. No Decorations or Chairs, Free Parking, Restrooms on-site
    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location: Romantic Elopement, Intimate or Charleston Package






    Sunrise Park (Up to 25 Guests)

    Situated on water with a little beach, this park has gorgeous views of the Ravenel Bridge and downtown.
    Park Information: 25 Guest Maximum. No Decorations or Chairs, Free Parking, Restrooms On-site
    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location: Romantic Elopement, Intimate or Charleston Package

    Brittlebank Park (Up to 25 Guests)

    Situated in downtown behind the baseball stadium, this park is on the water and has a pier as well as a wooded area.

    Park Information: Free parking and no restrooms

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location: Romantic Elopement, Intimate or Charleston Package

    Waterfront Park (Up to 25 Guests)

    Gorgeous views of Charleston Harbor, Gardens, and Fountains, including the iconic Pineapple Fountain.
    Park Information: restrooms nearby, 2 parking garages nearby, No chairs or decorations allowed
    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Romantic Elopement, Intimate, or Charleston Package






    A Whitehouse Wedding (Up to 25 Guests Max)

    Located 30 minutes from downtown Charleston, this private venue boasts large oaks and waterfront views. Micro weddings can occur Sunday-Thursday.
    Venue Information: Restrooms, parking, 2 hour rental. Dogs allowed on leash.
    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Romantic Elopement, Intimate, or Charleston Package

    Lovegrove Estate (Up to 20 Guests)

    As a member of the National Register for Historic Places, this venue is along the Ashley River surrounded by oaks trees.

    Includes outdoor space for ceremony as well as chairs.  Bridal Suite upon availability.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Romantic Elopement, Intimate, or Charleston Package

    Meeting House at Ion in Mt. Pleasant (Up to 25 Guests)

    This cute indoor space offers a church like feel with high ceilings and is perfect for your ceremony.

    Venue Information: Can only be reserved within 30 days of wedding date and from Mon-Friday from 9am to 5pm.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Romantic Elopement, Intimate, or Charleston Package

    Washington Square Park (Up to 50 Guests)

    Lots of charm with brick paths and surrounded by buildings, also offers gorgeous oak trees to hide from the sun.
    Park Information: no restrooms (1 block away), metered street parking and/or a parking garage
    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Romantic Elopement, Intimate, Charleston, or Charming Package







    Hampton Park (Up to 100 Guests)

    This local park boasts gorgeous floral displays, a gazebo, fountains, as well as large live oaks. Think of this as the Central Park of Charleston.
    Park Information: restrooms on-site, free parking
    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Romantic Elopement, Intimate, Charleston, or Charming Package





    Charles Towne Landing (Up to 8 Guests)

    This park offers beautiful marsh views and large live avenue of oaks.

    Park Information: Free parking once in park and restrooms available.  Monday – Friday from 9:30 am 3:30 pm and Saturday – Sunday from 9am 12:00 pm

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Simply Romantic Elopement






    Wedding Locations $750 – $2000

    Magnolia Gardens Pavilion (Up to 20 Guests)

    Have you intimate ceremony under live large oaks.

    Venue Information: Ceremonies can be conducted after the gardens are closed to public.  A bridal suite is available pending availability.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Intimate Package

    Thomas Bennet House (Up to 20 Guests)

    As one of the Federal Style Architecture homes, this house was home of Thomas Bennett Jr. in the early 1800’s. The house over looks a large fountain and brick courtyard, a gorgeous garden with large oaks.

    Venue Information: Ceremonies can be conducted with 2 hour rental Monday – Thursday from 9am – 1 pm.  Dates open 60 days prior.

    Staybridge BridgeView Room (Up to 50 Guests)

    This indoor space allows for unmatched views of the Cooper River and Ravenel Bridge.  5th Floor patio with fully opening wall of windows to bring the outside in.

    Venue Information: Great space for both ceremony and reception with outside food and beverage allowed with no additional charges and free parking.

    Embassy Suite Patriots Point (Up to 25 Guests)

    Embassy Suites offers a few options; both indoor and outdoor for your ceremony (Waterfront Lawn, Harbor Garden, Courtyard, and Ballroom).  You can also host your reception here with food and beverage.  Contact us for details.

    Charleston Aquarium (Up to 18 Guests)

    Indoor and Outdoor Spaces for your intimate wedding ceremony.

    Venue Information: Available Monday – Wednesday evenings. May be booked up to 3 months in advance.  Chairs available at an additional cost.

    Reynolds Treasures Wedding Packages for this location include: Intimate Package


    An Intimate Elopement at Magnolia Gardens

    Magnolia Gardens Elopement

    Get married in one of the most beautiful gardens in America among the live oaks, bamboo forest, cypress swamp gardens, breathtaking bridges, ponds, and the many alcoves scattered throughout the gardens.

    You have the option of using the bridal suite where you both are able to get ready, even if you do not plan on seeing each other prior to the ceremony.  Once you are settled in, the Hair and Makeup Artist will begin getting you all dolled up.

    Prior to your ceremony floral, the photographer, and the officiant arrive. You can either select your ceremony location among the gardens or let the photographer choose the perfect location.

    The magical ceremony begins and who knows, a peacock may attend.  After your ceremony, the marriage license is signed followed by photography around the gardens.

    Follow up your ceremony by having a private dinner at a Charleston Restaurant.  Let us help you make your day magical at Magnolia Gardens!

    Additional Package Options:

    Upgrade Photography Time

    Live Musician (Violinist, Cellist)

    On-Site Coordinator

    Table for 2 with Small Cake and Champagne/Cider

    Arbor with or without draping/floral

    Inquire Now



    Why Day-of Coordination Doesn’t Really Exist

    Why Day-of Coordination Doesn’t Really Exist  

    Lately, we have been getting lots of inquiries asking for just “Day-of” services.  Day-of Coordination doesn’t really exist.  Month-of Coordination is the service that is required.

    Many couples believe that they can plan their own wedding and simply have a coordinator show up on the day of the wedding and jump in.  Then came the newer planners, who decided to offer this service at a lower price to build a portfolio.  Long ago, we admit we did the same thing, but not for long as we realized that this simply doesn’t work. Keep reading and I will explain.

    Experienced Wedding Planner

    Experienced Wedding Planners have been in business for years and are professionals at identifying every potential issue that can arise at your wedding. They are able to manage all vendors prior to and on your wedding day.  They are also very resourceful, problem solvers, and calm under stressful situations. They built relationships with many of the vendors in town, along with venues.  Most importantly, they are licensed and insured.

    Inexperienced Wedding Planner

    They are most likely starting up their business and may only have a few weddings under their belt.  Knowledge of contracts and timelines is lacking along with insurance and being licensed.

    In order for a Wedding Planner to be successful at your event, the following should be considered:

    1. Your Planner needs to know who all of your vendors are and have read the contracts. They also need to understand each of their duties, what exactly they were contracted for, setup times and start times.  I can’t tell you how many things we catch just by reading the contracts.
    2. The Planner should know all of the aspects of the venue. This is a MUST!  It is mandatory that the planner have a walk through with the venue manager prior to the wedding to finalize the floor plan, load in and out location, electrical outlets, extra equipment, etc.
    3. Planners also are in charge of drafting a timeline for your wedding day. This is distributed to all of your vendors to follow, but may also need to be adjusted in real time if problems arise.
    4. What about rehearsal? Your Wedding Planner will direct your rehearsal.  Do not expect the venue manager to do this unless they are specifically contracted to do so. 
    5. And then there are your wedding decorations. The favors, welcome table, cake serving set, escort cards, etc.  Your Wedding Planner will obtain these items from you ahead of time so that they can review and inform you if there is anything missing.

    Costs of a Wedding Coordinator

    So the most popular question asked is, why does it cost so much? Let me break it down.

    Contracting Vendors and Obtaining Contracts

    3 Hours

    Review of Contracts

    3-4 Hours

    Venue Walk Through

    2 Hours

    Timeline Creation

    3-4 Hours


    1 Hour (usually everyone is late so 2 hours realistically)

    Floor Plan Creation

    1-2 Hours

    Other Pre Planning

    1-2 Hours

    Wedding Day

    10-12 Hours

    Total Hours

    24-31 Hours

    Note that this doesn’t include business expenses such as assistants, insurance, licenses, and other overhead costs. So next time you ask a Wedding Planner to drop their pricing, you are asking them to work for an average of $4 an hour. Providing Month-of Services allows us to provide the correct level of service and professionalism that allows you to have the best day of your life.



    Be in the KNOW…South Carolina Beach Wedding Tips

    Destination or Local? Who doesn’t love the beach?

    And what better place to have a wedding! Great scenery and if you decide to marry at sunrise or sunset; then what an amazing sight! But before you run out and start picking out the perfect beach spot to have your ceremony; there are something’s you might want to consider.

    Wild Dunes Wedding Reynolds Treasures

    Time of Day

    First, what time of day are you considering for your beach
    wedding? This is important because of the tide and lighting for photography.
    You should know that at high tide you may NOT have much if any beach to have a
    ceremony on. In addition, parts of the beaches are more crowded than others.
    This is something that your wedding planner will already know!

    Secondly, the time of day will also be important; especially
    in the summer because it can get HOT; even on the beach. You might think the
    beach brings a breeze. That is true but at times it seems like the breeze has
    been overtaken by the sun. Your best bet is to hire a wedding planner to
    coordinate that for you! OK, so you picked the absolute perfect beach location
    or have you?

    Isle of Palms Beach Wedding

    What about your guests?

    Consider the guests for a minute. I know this is your DAY and
    it’s all about what you want but have a quick reality check.  How are your
    guests going to get to this beach location? Walk there, right? Great, but do
    you have older guests that may not be able to walk a 1/2 mile through the sand
    to get there? It’s not like they are walking on a solid road. They are going to
    have to walk through sand. Not only that, but how far are you going to want to
    walk with your hair and make-up in the heat to get to that “perfect beach
    location”? So KNOW that a beach ceremony location with easy access usually
    works best.

    Beach Chairs

    Do you want a beach ceremony with chairs, decorations and an
    arbor? OK, but what about that breeze? Regardless of time of day; there is typically
    a breeze. Sometimes it can be ever so slight and perfect while other times it
    is so blustery it can knock you sideways.  With that in mind, what do you
    want to set up? Chairs?  Chairs can be done, but again the location can
    hinder that timing as well as the amount of chairs you want. (side note: most
    rental companies have a minimum spend amount which is usually $500 that is not
    hit with just chair rentals). If you rent chairs yourself for setup, it can be
    very tedious treading through the sand having to carry or wagon half a dozen
    chairs at a time. Speaking of time, it is time consuming. So KNOW to plan
    enough time to have the beach location set before guests arrive. Or better yet,
    get a beach package where you can add
    on these options so you everything is done for you!

    Folly Beach Wedding

    OK, so what about an arbor? Same thing goes. Plan for enough time but also plan for the fact that depending on the amount of breeze/wind that arbor could come tumbling down. On the other hand why would you want to “decorate” the beach? It possess a beauty all its own. Why cover it up? And then there is the issue of “getting ready”. If you are getting married on the beach, you have to get ready off site. Either at a hotel, rent a beach house or other location you choose. No beach facilities to do that at. Sorry, its a beach! After all is said and done just remember to let your guests KNOW that shoes are optional!

    Contact Reynolds Treasures today for your all-inclusive beach package.


    Charleston Wedding Venues

    Charleston Wedding Venues that include Chairs and Tables

    When it comes to searching for the perfect wedding venue, you must also keep in mind some of the top expenses you will incur including the venue itself, catering, bar, photographer and rentals.

    Many venues nowadays require a day-of coordinator, wedding insurance, food and beverage minimums if using an in-house caterer, as well as rentals such as chairs and tables which many couples overlook.  We have listed a few of our favorite venues that include chairs and tables that will help keep your costs down.

    Venue Venue Cost Capacity** Outdoor Space Catering Kitchen Catering Tables/Chairs 


    Charleston Harbor Resort $1500-


    500 Yes N/A In-house Chairs


    Charleston County Masonic Temple $1500 170 No Yes Bring Your Own Chairs


    Cooper River Room $500-


    125 Yes Yes Bring Your Own Chairs


    Francis Marion Hotel $5000-


    300 No N/A In-house Chairs


    I’On Meeting House $1500-


    125 Yes No Bring Your Own Chairs
    Merchants Hall $1700-


    200 No Yes Bring Your Own Chairs


    South Carolina Society Hall $1000-


    150 No Yes Bring Your Own Chairs


    The Historic Rice Mill $1500-


    200 Yes N/A In-house Chairs


    Wickliffe House



    100 Yes   N/A In-house



    *Rental Fee is waived if a minimum amount is spent in food and beverage
    **Please note that the capacity is what we recommend and should also include vendors

    Make sure to let the venues know that Reynolds Treasures referred you.  Reynolds Treasures Wedding Services is here for your wedding planning and coordination needs.  Contact us today to learn more.


    Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

    Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

    Honeymoons can be whatever you and your partner want them to be, travelling, skiing and even city escapes are becoming common choices for honeymoons, it’s all about what is most memorable and fun for you as newlyweds! If you’re looking for a sunny beach holiday as the honeymoon destination then this is a look at the 5 choices that offer just a little bit more than a beach and cocktails.


    One of the most popular Hollywood holiday choices, Mexico is a beautiful country full of beaches, booze and entertainment. Most resort areas are constantly opening new hotels and a lot are offering special packages that cater for honeymooners. Spas, golf courses and pool areas are likely to keep you most entertained throughout the honeymoon and it’s all supported by perfect restaurants in the evening. Areas such as Cancun go all out with entertainment too, famously, there’s a pirate ship dinner that you can go aboard and whilst you’re eating, another pirate ship comes next to it and a full evening of entertainment is shown with pirates flying across on ropes from ship to ship.


    Known for its sunny beaches, California is a growing choice for newlyweds. Places like Santa Barbara are available for peaceful romantic days but the option for a busy day out in L.A is also on the cards. It’s ideal for any couple wanting to relax or go on an adventure. Snorkeling, hikes and even sea kayaking are all common day trips in California, and you never know, you might bump into a couple of actors on the beach.


    Mykonos has been dubbed the new St. Tropez, a relaxing holiday that never seems tire from the perfect blue views. It’s become a famous craft beer location spot for holidaymakers and premiered the largest pool in Europe in 2017. It’s like booking a few weeks in paradise if you looking to relax for an extended amount of time.


    It’s becoming a well-known factor that Thailand is a dream honeymoon location. The country is full of festivals, drinking and lazing on the beach daily, and best of all once you get there, it’s a cheap place to part with money. Again, it’s a perfect location for laying on the beach daily, but for also exploring the local towns and remote islands. A lot of people come to Thailand to learn and embrace natural beauty, to be able to do this as a newlywed will only enhance the experience. Just be sure to pack a comfortably fitted tracksuit for the plane journey, it’s a long one.

    South of France

    Staying in Cannes is a perfect place for any honeymooner, it’s a seaside town full of luxuries, beach restaurants and lively bars. There’s plenty to do in Cannes itself but if it’s a long honeymoon, it’s a town that neighbors Monaco, Nice and St. Tropez and each town offers their own unique take to life by the sea, from a quiet seaside town of St. Tropez to the busy city of Monaco. Ideally, you could hire a car for your stay as most of the neighboring towns are less than a thirty-minute drive.

    Bio: Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that has spent 4 years travelling after University. He’s been all around the world and learnt a lot about different cultures compared to his home in the UK. He wants to share his knowledge with his readers in a way that they could use the information for a practical use.

    Twitter: meadow_richard

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