Guest Post by Kate Thornton of Captured by Kate

We were in the process of writing a blog regarding rescheduling your wedding, but then read our friend Kate Thornton’s and completely agreed. Without further ado, below are 6 Tips on how to go about rescheduling your wedding due to the Corona Virus.

First of all, my heart goes out to you. This is such an important time in your life and the current situation can be stressful.

TIP 1. Contact your venue about future availability. Most venues will be happy to transfer your deposit to a price comparable date. Ask your venue to give you three dates that are open and work with your schedule.

TIP 2. Once you have the three possible dates, create a Google Form Link and survey your current vendors’ availability. Then pick the date that the majority of your current vendors have open. Most will transfer the deposit to the new date.

TIP 3. Be aware you’re vendors prices for 2021 may be higher because they released their 2021 pricing before the Pandemic and were expecting a busy year already. You may be asked by your current vendors to make up the difference if rescheduling in 2021.

TIP 4. If you reschedule to a date that your current vendor is not available, they are in their rights to keep the deposit. However, they may be willing to give you a partial refund. Remember they have been turning away business on that date because of you.

TIP 5. Consider rescheduling to a Weekday or a Sunday. These will be easier for your current vendors to accommodate and let’s face it, your guest list has an abundance of work vacation days to use up.

TIP 6. Think positively. I personally can not wait for the massive celebrations when we can all get together again. Warning, you may get 100% of your guest list! Think about how excited everyone is going to be for your wedding. It’s going to be a truly EPIC party!!

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