Destination or Local? Who doesn’t love the beach?

And what better place to have a wedding! Great scenery and if you decide to marry at sunrise or sunset; then what an amazing sight! But before you run out and start picking out the perfect beach spot to have your ceremony; there are something’s you might want to consider.

Wild Dunes Wedding Reynolds Treasures

Time of Day

First, what time of day are you considering for your beach
wedding? This is important because of the tide and lighting for photography.
You should know that at high tide you may NOT have much if any beach to have a
ceremony on. In addition, parts of the beaches are more crowded than others.
This is something that your wedding planner will already know!

Secondly, the time of day will also be important; especially
in the summer because it can get HOT; even on the beach. You might think the
beach brings a breeze. That is true but at times it seems like the breeze has
been overtaken by the sun. Your best bet is to hire a wedding planner to
coordinate that for you! OK, so you picked the absolute perfect beach location
or have you?

Isle of Palms Beach Wedding

What about your guests?

Consider the guests for a minute. I know this is your DAY and
it’s all about what you want but have a quick reality check.  How are your
guests going to get to this beach location? Walk there, right? Great, but do
you have older guests that may not be able to walk a 1/2 mile through the sand
to get there? It’s not like they are walking on a solid road. They are going to
have to walk through sand. Not only that, but how far are you going to want to
walk with your hair and make-up in the heat to get to that “perfect beach
location”? So KNOW that a beach ceremony location with easy access usually
works best.

Beach Chairs

Do you want a beach ceremony with chairs, decorations and an
arbor? OK, but what about that breeze? Regardless of time of day; there is typically
a breeze. Sometimes it can be ever so slight and perfect while other times it
is so blustery it can knock you sideways.  With that in mind, what do you
want to set up? Chairs?  Chairs can be done, but again the location can
hinder that timing as well as the amount of chairs you want. (side note: most
rental companies have a minimum spend amount which is usually $500 that is not
hit with just chair rentals). If you rent chairs yourself for setup, it can be
very tedious treading through the sand having to carry or wagon half a dozen
chairs at a time. Speaking of time, it is time consuming. So KNOW to plan
enough time to have the beach location set before guests arrive. Or better yet,
get a beach package where you can add
on these options so you everything is done for you!

Folly Beach Wedding

OK, so what about an arbor? Same thing goes. Plan for enough time but also plan for the fact that depending on the amount of breeze/wind that arbor could come tumbling down. On the other hand why would you want to “decorate” the beach? It possess a beauty all its own. Why cover it up? And then there is the issue of “getting ready”. If you are getting married on the beach, you have to get ready off site. Either at a hotel, rent a beach house or other location you choose. No beach facilities to do that at. Sorry, its a beach! After all is said and done just remember to let your guests KNOW that shoes are optional!

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