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    Fall Wedding Styling Tips for the Groom

    Fall Wedding Styling Tips for the Groom

    Are you planning a fall wedding? Looking to get the hottest fashion tips to ensure your bride leaves you in the cold? Then stay tuned.

    As the nights draw in, if you are tying the knot during this particular period, then it’s about time you got suited and booted. Say goodbye to bright colorful tones ideal for beach weddings, and say hello to more darker materials.

    Think burgundy, black, navy blue as well as charcoal grey. All of these specific colors are perfect for those wedding snaps. Whether a heavy cotton suit, ideal for the great outdoors or something reflecting Fall colors such as auburn or brown, dazzle everyone with richer tones.

    Besides, why should your bride be the only one to get creative! There are numerous articles offering insight on Fall groom style tips taking your outfit from “meh” to “majestic”. But if that’s not enough, consult our top fall tips below. Now who said style maketh the man.


    Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

    Textures are just as important in order to take your attire up a notch or two. Enhance your appearance with a cashmere or cable knit scarf to provide added warmth during those photo shoots.

    This is especially the case if you intend to plan an outdoor Fall wedding. On the other hand, you can be as playful as a kitten when it comes to fabrics. From plaid suits and floral suits to romantic colors such as burgundy, the options are endless.

    Tweed is another great selection and there are many inspirational Fall groom looks to transform you into the definition of an English country garden. Perfect for vintage or rustic weddings, tweed need not be all patchwork and classic teacher’s jackets. Charming, sophisticated and elegant, this timeless fabric can really work wonders as a Fall groom suit.

    Spare a thought for a velvet wedding suit and checked numbers which are also making a comeback. Emanating style and sophistication, stand out from the wedding crowd with a snazzy checkerboard outfit ensuring you look the part.


    Photo credit: Pixabay.com

    Again, if you are dropping black threads, look at a burgundy or rusty brown boutonniere. Alternatively, if you are sporting a blue suit, go for a textured or patterned square that is guaranteed to make the maximum impact.

    And if you got your crew around you at your big bash, you can select from a range of exciting accessories that literally have your name on it. Make a song and dance about your groomsmen way before you set foot on the dancefloor.

    Adorn your suits with custom accessories that they can take away as a personal reminder of when you tied the knot. Pose for the cameras with your initials, wedding date or names on your squares, tie bars, collar stays or even dress socks.

    Go to a site specializing in personalized groomsmen gifts or visit Amazon and Etsy who have an array of innovative ideas.


    Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

    You shoes, you most definitely lose.

    It’s time to strut your stuff not only down the white carpet but bust out a few moves until late into the night. Now you will need a comfortable set of footwear to stand up to all the twirling and that vital first dance.

    For Fall weddings, you may want to invest in suede wedding shoes that will benefit from being extra sturdy. Brogues or Oxfords shoes will stand you in good stead whilst choosing warmer colors such as browns, blacks or dark grey is more on trend than Donald Trump on Triller.

    Yes it’s a Triller…Triller night!

    It’s Only Words

    As the Bee Gees once declared, words are all they have or so they say.

    But if you want to make a smash hit at your function, then look no further than a pretty wedding guestbook or event book capturing your special event.

    Choose from a myriad of stylish options that will showcase you and your bride’s personality. There are cork guestbooks, whiskey barrel guest books and much more. In fact, some have published a study demonstrating that a book of this nature is the first thing guests view when entering a reception.

    Give your VIPs the opportunity to leave their personal wishes, wedding advice or funny quips so you can remember your unique day long after the cake’s been cut.

    Be sure to contact Reynolds Treasures for your wedding service needs.


    Most Chic Wedding Deco & Style Ideas For 2020


    The wedding industry is evolving and experiencing a lot of growth when it comes to décor. While some ideas are going out of fashion, others are making a comeback from the past. Choosing the best wedding décor can be the most stressful part of planning for the big day. 

    Since they are personal affairs, no one approach applies to all weddings. However, there are décor trends that you can borrow from other couples and customize to fit your style. 

    Here are some of the trends that will be a big hit going into the year 2020. 

    1. Use of Coral

    Coral as a color has become one of the new wedding trends. It adds a new twist to weddings by adding life to wedding themes. It stood out as the Pantone’s color of 2019, and as it is, it will cross over to 2020 as one of the most popular wedding theme colors. 

    As a vibrant and buoyant color, it can match almost all types of settings, whether indoors or outdoors. It also seamlessly matches the bridal party attire, the cake, and entertainment. Coral is also an excellent choice for a variety of wedding themes ranging from vintage, modern, or even rustic.

    Having flowers in this color can be quite helpful in pulling off the idea of a coral-colored wedding. Finding bridal attire in this color should also be relatively easy. 






    2. Floral Decorations All The Way

    One of the current trends that will live into 2020 is the use of elegant floral styles. The idea is to incorporate textures and little details that reflect the personality of the couple and family. While using floral decorations, the décor can easily be customized into ruffled or fringed textures. 

    As part of floral decorations, pampus grass has become a popular choice for decoration. It works well for lounges, aisle décor, and tablescapes, and the secret is to avoid overdoing it. 





    3. Going Green

    Eco-friendly wedding themes are on the increase, informed by the need to reduce the carbon footprint. Eco-friendly wedding décor ideas include choosing a nature-friendly venue.  A place that is naturally endowed with live flowers and green scenery will require less synthetic décor. 

    If you must incorporate your own décor ideas, adopt more ecological approaches. Choose to use flowers that have been grown organically. Instead of using electricity for lighting, use solar panels at the venue. For your wedding cards, use recycled seed paper and reduce the amount of printing you do.


    4. Table Setting

    The way food is served at weddings is a trend that is changing. One concept that is gaining momentum is grazing tables. These refer to areas full of a mix of sweet and savory snacks. The idea is to keep the guests encouraged to come back for more servings if they like.

    This is one area where the green concept can easily pull through. The caterers are challenged to source for more local and organic produce for the grazed tables. They also are coming up with more creative ways of utilizing the vegetarian menu for a “farm to table” experience. As for the drinks, brewing some wine and having it delivered in real bourbon barrels is a significant trend.  




    5. Wedding Hairstyles

    Although not directly related to décor, how the bride and her maids look is also crucial for the big day. Hairstyles dictate how well you pull off the wedding theme, especially boho and rustic weddings. Among the popular hairstyle trends, this year are half ups half downs, French braids, and all types of braided hairstyles.

    Hair accessories have also been part of the picture. Large flowers, hairpins with flowers, or hairlines are simple ways to add style to the different hairstyles. For something simpler, go for a sleek ponytail or trendy mermaid hair coloring.



    Take Away

    Wedding decoration styles come and go, but some are here to stay. This year has seen the entrance of décor ideas that will last long into 2020 due to their elegance. Most of them are inspired by the need to do things differently and ditch tradition. 

    One of the trends has to do with color. Coral is the one topping the list as there is just so much it can blend with effortlessly. Other trends have to do with food arrangements, wedding hairstyles, and utilization of eco-friendly concepts.

    Don’t limit yourself to these ideas. With creativity, you can come up with an idea which people will borrow and celebrate in the coming year.  


    Guest Post by Ashley Lipman, Content Marketing Specialist
    Ashley Lipman is an award-winning writer who discovered her passion for providing knowledge to readers worldwide on topics closest to her heart – all things digital. Since her first high school award in Creative Writing, she continues to deliver awesome content through various niches touching the digital sphere.

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