To-Do’s After You Say I Do

So many people talk about the tasks leading up to your wedding, but do they talk about your to-do’s after
you say “I do?” Some of the most important things in life happen after your wedding. Enjoying and
planning your honeymoon, buying your first home together, changing your last name, and merging bank
accounts are just some of the milestones that are traditionally done after the wedding. If you’re

approaching this monumental stage in your life, read on to learn about how to prepare for your post-
wedding life.

Enjoy and Plan Your Honeymoon

Typically, your honeymoon is something that’s planned for immediately after your wedding. This is your
time to celebrate your marriage one on one and travel! If you are planning your honeymoon for right after
the wedding, make sure you book well in advance to avoid last minute headaches. However, many
couples start planning their honeymoon far after their wedding in order to save money for large expenses
that may come sooner, like buying a home. Another option is to plan a more budget friendly honeymoon
by traveling somewhere nearby or a destination that isn’t as popular or expensive as others. This way,
you can celebrate your marriage while also being money conscious for the other exciting things you have
in store.

Buy a Home

Buying a home for you and your spouse to share together is one of the bigger steps in your new
marriage. Ideally, you both have been saving up and being mindful of your credit so that you both have
the proper credit score to buy a house. If so, it’s time to shop the housing market! Finding the home that
fits your budget, needs, and style can be so exciting. Keep in mind that if the house you get isn’t exactly
what you were looking for, you can do simple home renovations that give it a brand new look and feel.
Then, all you have to do is move in. Bring in items that you both love to create a safe and comfortable
space as you start your life together.

Change Your Last Name

If you choose to change your last name once you’re married, you should know it’s a lot of work! Your
best bet is to get this done sooner rather than later. You’ll need to file the paperwork for updating your
ID, passport, Social Security card, and other forms of important documents and identification. This is vital
if you are planning to do any traveling shortly after the wedding. If you’re planning on joining your bank
accounts, you’ll also need your name changed beforehand. There are several steps you may need to
take according to your local guidelines like meeting with an attorney, filing paperwork at your local court,
going to the DMV, and more that you’ll want to research as soon as possible after your wedding.
Joint Bank Accounts
Merging bank accounts has become less common compared to past years, but many couples still do this
to simplify the tracking of shared household and life expenses. Once you’ve officially changed your
name, if you chose to do so, you should be able to visit your bank and create a joint bank account. Some
benefits of married couples joining bank accounts are easing the way you pay your shared bills, a sense
of togetherness, and transparent expenses so you know what you and your partner are spending your
money on. This way, you can budget better and not have to worry about who is spending what.

Final Thoughts

Prioritizing post-wedding to-dos as equal or greater than your pre-wedding checklist can benefit you as a
couple in the long. Confirm which or all of these tasks you and your spouse want to focus on and
plan accordingly. While your wedding day can be the best day of your life, know that there are many more exciting things to come for you and your partner.