Top 3 things to know before contacting Wedding Vendors

Congratulations on your engagement.  As you are both taking it all in and announcing it to your family and friends, thoughts of the wedding begin.  Below are the top three items you should discuss and know prior to contacting wedding vendors.

Wedding Date

Now is the time to think about your wedding timeline.  It is highly recommended that you have your date confirmed before contacting any vendors.  This is typically the determining factor of whether or not a vendor is available for your date.  However, it is okay to not have a date set when securing a full wedding planner and/or venue. If this is the case, it is recommended to have 2 to 3 dates in mind. You would hate to lose out on your dream venue because the wedding planner you hired is not available for your date.


It is important to know your budget and drumroll….and to respect it.  I know that this sounds silly but set a budget before getting too excited and booking various vendors will only put you in a financial strain when trying to secure your remainder vendors.  We see too many couples get overly excited and begin booking the venue along with other vendors prior to figuring out their budget and then they unfortunately have to short cut other aspects of the wedding due to money constraints.


It is important to have an idea of what your expectations are.  While you don’t have to have every detail set in stone, it is important to have an idea of style or type of wedding you are having.  You should be upfront with wedding vendors on this as it will only help you secure the right match.


Now you are ready to contact wedding vendors.  Remember to provide a date/dates, location, and your general expectations.  Contacting a vendor with a generic I am interested doesn’t leave us much information to respond to.

We look forward to helping you treasure your wedding day.  Contact us for more information on our wedding packages, wedding coordination and wedding planning.